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Buy Cheap and Best Promise Rings

Promise Rings: Explained

Promise Rings are exchanged by couples as a symbol of pre-engagement commitment. Unlike engagement rings, promise rings are not really meant to be for any long term commitment but more as a symbol of a girl friend/boy friend relationship. Promise Rings are more commonly exchanged between younger adults who are not ready for any binding commitment.

How Much To Spend On Promise Rings

As promise rings are mostly exchanged between younger adults, not much money is spent on these rings. Unlike engagement ring, where your partner is expecting some high valued ring, accepting nothing less than real diamonds. Promise rings are mainly made of crystal or cubic zirconia stones which are significantly cheaper than real diamonds and look just as good. You can spend as much as a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on your financial capacity. Whatever amount you decide to spend, make sure you spend your own money on buying the promise ring, even if can only afford a few dollars. Using your own money instead of your parents will hold more value with your partner.

Choosing Promise Ring Design

Choosing the design of the ring is the most crucial part. Remember that your partner will have to wear this promise ring often if not everyday. So it's important that she likes how the promise ring looks. Promise rings have a wide variety of designs to choose from because of the flexibility, variety and low cost of the materials used to make them. Engagement rings and wedding rings are mainly made from diamonds, gold and silver. These materials are fragile and due to the high cost are limited in shapes and colors.

Promise Ring Colors and Materials

Why not be creative when you're buying promise rings. There is no set standard for buying a promise ring for your girl friend, only cliche. Have a look at this beautiful aqua sophia ring from saneyz fashion jewelry online boutique. The beautiful deep blue tone surrounded by crystal stones make it a perfect promise ring. If green is more her color then this emerald cosette ring is a good choice. Whatever you choose i'm sure that she will love it.